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What’s new 2018?!

August 8, 2018

In other words… What the hell have you been doing in 2018?

Where is book two?

Where are the new blog posts? (asked no one)

Yes, yes, I know. It’s been a long time since I updated the website. It’s been a long time since I updated the status of book two. It’s just been a long time. What can I say? I’ve been working on a lot of things. (How cryptic.)  Different stories and ideas that will be released soon. Yes, I said soon. I have developed a schedule (after many years of trying) that seems to work for me, where I can balance my fiction writing, blog writing and the business side of the job, that no one sees. (What a complaining complainee?)  Fine, I will get to the important stuff.

Front_cover_Only-193x300 What's new 2018?! My Fiction Writing THE JOURNEY IS EVERYTHING, Book Two of Blake’s Apocalypse Account

(Geeze, could I have a longer title? Gotta trigger those Amazon algorithms somehow.) COMING END OF SEPTEMBER/EARLY OCTOBER. I have completed the third or fourth draft. (I lost count.) Beta readers and a good old-fashioned editor will be the final steps in the process. If you are interested in being a beta reader, you can send me an e-mail: I gotta warn you though, being a beta reader means you will need to provide extensive feedback on the book. The good, the bad and the ugly. Like a book report. Maybe, even a diorama.

25289494_1761586217205089_4220605371390405942_n-198x300 What's new 2018?! My Fiction Writing NUMBERED DAYS

Coming in 2019. I am excited about this one. It is in 3rd person. Yay! I have a draft finished.

THE BEGINNING IS EVERYTHING, Book Three of Blake’s Apocalypse Account

Spring 2019. That’s right, I have already started the first draft.


Multiple short stories will be published on this website and on Wattpad, in the coming months. For free. They will also be available on Amazon, but not free. At a later date, they will be compiled into one paperback. They all take place in the same universe as my novels.


That’s right, I have some fanfiction ideas and a serialized story that I will be posting on Wattpad and this website, on a television-like schedule. Why fanfiction? Why not? It’s a lot of fun and I am looking at it as writing exercises, where I can experiment. If you are wondering what fictional world my fanfiction takes place in, well, you will just have to wait and see. To give you a hint, the title of the serialized story is, CHOSEN.


I will be posting a new blog post weekly. At least weekly. That is a schedule I can stick to. If something new comes up I will post it. If not, I will stick to my schedule.

That’s about it for now. I am excited to start sharing all of this with you. I have learned from this past year. The good and the bad from my hesitation and halting schedule. The best thing about all this time between releases is, I have spent tons of time writing, creating a backlog of stories, that I can release in quick succession.

To stay up to date you can subscribe to my newsletter, which I will send out once a month, and maybe when a brand new novel comes out.  I won’t spam your e-mail with annoying marketing e-mails. You can sign up here:

Back to it.


The Ending is Everything: The Soundtrack

August 2, 2017

The Ending is Everything: The Soundtrack

When I first started writing, The Ending is Everything, I would listen to music. Anyone who knows me, knows, I love music. And there were some songs that influenced my writing. Songs I would imagine playing in the background of a scene. Or, if there was a movie, this is the rock song that would play. It helped with pacing a scene and imagining the movements of the characters. In other words, music influences my writing more than I would like to admit.

I compiled these influential songs for you. These are the songs that helped create my novel. The soundtrack.

I apologize for the lack of variety of artists, but what can I say, these are some of my favorite singers and songwriters, so, of course, they are going to influence my own form of expression.

“You’re Having The Time Of My Life” – Jets To Brazil

The opening chapter. This song, and another by Jets To Brazil, heavily influenced the first chapter.

“Green Light” – Lorde

The song referenced in the novel, playing in the background at the party.

“The Argument” – Fugazi

One of the songs referenced in the novel, right before the world they know, ends.

“In America” – forgetters

This song is the mission statement for the background machinations in the novel.

“End Times” – Eels

This one is obvious. This whole album was on heavy rotation during the creation process.

“Lampshades on Fire” – Modest Mouse

I like the feeling of this song. It feels like the way many of my characters would react. The worlds ending, so let’s party and let the smart people tell us what to do.

“Mansions of Los Feliz” – Eels

This one, like “Lampshades on Fire”, has a distinct disconnect between the subject matter and the feeling of the song.  That disconnect is something I worked on for the first-third of my novel.

“Parting Of The Sensory” – Modest Mouse

The last section of the novel, at the camp, was written with this song in the background.

“I’m So Tired” – Fugazi

The main characters overall feeling throughout the novel, until the end.

“Mid-Day Anonymous” – Jets To Brazil

A preview of things to come and The Ending is Everything.




The Ending is Everything

June 19, 2017

Book_Cover_E_Book.jpg-189x300 The Ending is Everything Books Featured My Fiction Novels

The Ending is Everything (Book One of Blake’s Apocalypse Account). The year is 2024. I struggle through the days after returning from my tours of war. My mind foggy, my emotions numb.  Seeking one thing… to be left alone. The year is 2024. I struggle through the days after returning from my tours of war. My mind foggy, my emotions numb.  Seeking one thing… to be left alone. As I stared out my front window, I began to come back into focus watching that mushroom cloud recede into the horizon.  My fears vanished, my mind cleared, I could feel again.   Thoughts raced into my head.  Friends. Family. SURVIVAL.

I will let the protagonist tell you his story:
“I began writing this story, as soon as I realized the world would never be the same. Yes, I am sure there will be countless accounts of the events that took place in November, 2024. But those would relate to the leaders, governments and the prominent level of society. I wanted to write about the nobodies. Me and my friends. How we survived this event. How we were changed. The little people. So, if you are asking yourself, why should I read about some nobody, in California, and his nobody friends, and their ridiculous choices? Honesty. The version of events that will be released in the near future, may or may not be accurate. And will be colored by the choices of those in charge. If you do decide to read this, after falling into your hands, please don’t judge. We only did what we had to, to survive. – Blake Anderson”

The Ending is Everything, is now available everywhere in hardback: Click below for your favorite retailer.

 a-smile_color_btn-150x150 The Ending is Everything Books Featured My Fiction Novels JIwEgxXH-150x150 The Ending is Everything Books Featured My Fiction Novels

Also available in paperback and e-book Kindle:

a-smile_color_btn-150x150 The Ending is Everything Books Featured My Fiction Novels

For paperback copies through my website click below.

It should also be available at your local brick and mortar bookstore. Maybe not in stock, but they should be able to order one for you.