The Ending is Everything: The Soundtrack

August 2, 2017

The Ending is Everything: The Soundtrack

When I first started writing, The Ending is Everything, I would listen to music. Anyone who knows me, knows, I love music. And there were some songs that influenced my writing. Songs I would imagine playing in the background of a scene. Or, if there was a movie, this is the rock song that would play. It helped with pacing a scene and imagining the movements of the characters. In other words, music influences my writing more than I would like to admit.

I compiled these influential songs for you. These are the songs that helped create my novel. The soundtrack.

I apologize for the lack of variety of artists, but what can I say, these are some of my favorite singers and songwriters, so, of course, they are going to influence my own form of expression.

“You’re Having The Time Of My Life” – Jets To Brazil

The opening chapter. This song, and another by Jets To Brazil, heavily influenced the first chapter.

“Green Light” – Lorde

The song referenced in the novel, playing in the background at the party.

“The Argument” – Fugazi

One of the songs referenced in the novel, right before the world they know, ends.

“In America” – forgetters

This song is the mission statement for the background machinations in the novel.

“End Times” – Eels

This one is obvious. This whole album was on heavy rotation during the creation process.

“Lampshades on Fire” – Modest Mouse

I like the feeling of this song. It feels like the way many of my characters would react. The worlds ending, so let’s party and let the smart people tell us what to do.

“Mansions of Los Feliz” – Eels

This one, like “Lampshades on Fire”, has a distinct disconnect between the subject matter and the feeling of the song.  That disconnect is something I worked on for the first-third of my novel.

“Parting Of The Sensory” – Modest Mouse

The last section of the novel, at the camp, was written with this song in the background.

“I’m So Tired” – Fugazi

The main characters overall feeling throughout the novel, until the end.

“Mid-Day Anonymous” – Jets To Brazil

A preview of things to come and The Ending is Everything.




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