What Happened to this Blog? Where are the new post? What’s Next?

October 23, 2017

What Happened to the Blog? Why the lack of post?

When I first started this blog, I had grand visions of what I could write about. Posts containing a critical analysis of my favorite films, TV shows, and books, posts about my favorite albums and music, constant updates about my current writing progress. So, what happened? Well, to put it as best I can, I got lazy. Not lazy, as in, lay around the house lazy. But, lazy in a prioritizing way. I am trying to write my second book and the blog took a back seat. Time became an issue. It’s not a good excuse, but that’s what happened. So, for the two of you who follow this blog, I apologize. I have a game plan in place, to post a new blog post, at least, once a week, going forward.

Top 100 films. Top 50 TV shows.

The countdown will continue, only now, it will be in blog post of ten films. 100-90 and so on. Why? Because the critical analysis of one movie was taking too long and was paralyzing my blog post schedule. It’s not easy to break down a great film and  try and get to the heart of why you really like it, besides saying “I really like it.” Going forward, I will provide a brief summary of each film and why I like it. In other words, I will split the difference between a critical breakdown and “I like it.” I will also link to more serious breakdowns from others who do a much better job than I would.  Side note- One of the most annoying aspects of this modern world is the advent of critical reviewers (youtube) who have no credentials besides a camera or blog post and write/record scathing reviews of other peoples work. I did not want to be a part of that, so I wanted to write about things I enjoyed. Not that I don’t enjoy some of the reviews (redlettermedia), but most I find insufferable.

My New Book.

Yes, I am writing my second book, tentatively titled “Numbered Days,” and my goal is to have it edited and available for purchase around Christmas. Unlike, “The Ending is Everything,” this book has been a grind for me to write. It could be that because the ending is set in stone, it means I had to outline the book, which I didn’t do for my first book and I am finding the lack of freedom and discovery difficult to deal with. But, I also feel, this book will feel more like a regular novel. (3rd person limited vs. 1st person).  I compared “The Ending is Everything” to a found footage film, in its narrative style. “Numbered Days,” would be more like a boring indie film. I’m kidding. I hope. I will also be hiring an outside editor as the prose and imagery are more important than in the previous novel. What’s it about you ask? It’s about a man and his dog seeking redemption from the past before the world ends. It is set in the same universe as “The Ending is Everything” and has some of the same characters. I will let you know more, as it gets closer to being released. And, yes, after “Numbered Days” a sequel to “The Ending is Everything” will be next.

The Future of the Blog.

The next step for this blog is for me to schedule and plot out blog post weeks in advance. I know, sounds crazy right. Besides the top 100 films and top 50 TV shows, I will have random blog post on anything I feel like posting about. My goal – two blog post a week. Hey, this counts as one. Now, back to my book.

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