The Ending is Everything (Paperback B-stock)

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The mushroom cloud receded into the horizon. Thoughts raced into my head. Friends. Family. Survival.

I began writing this story, as soon as I realized the world would never be the same. Yes, I am sure there will be countless accounts of the events that took place in November, 2024. But those would relate to the leaders, governments and the prominent level of society. I wanted to write about the nobodies. Me and my friends. How we survived this event. How we were changed. The little people. So, if you are asking yourself, why should I read about some nobody, in California, and his nobody friends, and their ridiculous choices? Honesty. The version of events that will be released in the near future, may or may not be accurate. And will be colored by the choices of those in charge. If you do decide to read this, after falling into your hands, please don’t judge. We only did what we had to, to survive.

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